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Aadis Double Power Combo of Dishwash and Toilet Cleaner Dishwash :- Aadis Dishwash Liquid Gel 1000ml How to use- Take 1 tsp (4 ml) of this gel Mix it in one bowl of water (40 ml) Dip the scrubber, squeeze to get powerful lather clean to get a sink full of sparkling vessels Benefits:- Clean outdoor furniture. Degreasing kitchen appliances. An effective stain buster. Cleaning hairbrushes and combs. Polishing jewellery back to its original shine. Get rid of fruit flies. Prevent glasses from fogging. Clean your wheels. Silence squeaky doors. Toilet Cleaner :- How to use:- squeeze liquid around the bowl & under the rim. Leave for 20 mins. brush lightly & flush. Benefits- A toilet seat cleaner offers plenty of benefits, namely cleanliness, sanitisation, being more hygienic, being multi-purpose and promoting graciousness. Your bathroom is easier to keep clean. Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner. Kills 99.9% of germs. Removes 10 x more yellowish and tough stains. removes soap, oily, urine stains as well as food and toothpaste stains. cautions- keep out of reach of children, unless under adult supervision.Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes and skin, wash immediately with plenty of water & seek medical advice. Do nit ingest. Best Before 2 years from manufacturing.


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2 Pc. Super Saver Pack
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