Buttermilk Masala

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Butter milk is well-known for better digestion and its effectiveness against dehydration. The spices that are used to add to the taste of buttermilk must also contain these qualities. Our chaas masala contains ingredients like iodized salt, cumin, black salt, rock salt and coriander. Among these, spices like cumin and coriander helps in better digestion and stomach problems.
Black salt helps curing constipationCumin cures heartburnCumin promotes digestionCumin also promotes weight lossBlack salt also detoxifies your body


Coriander, cumin, iodized salt, black salt, rock salt


15gm-Pouch, 50gm-Box, 100gm-Box, 125gm-Jar, 250gm-Common Pouch, 500gm-Jar, 500gm-Common Pouch, 1kg-Common Pouch


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Buttermilk Masala
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