Pani Puri Masala

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This spicy, salty and tangy pani puri masala has been made by using black salt, mint leaves, cumin seeds, salt, dry mango powder and black pepper. To get the perfect tanginess in this powder mix we have used the required amount of citric acid and imli powder. In addition to that, ingredients like ajwain, dry ginger, white pepper, asafoetida and sugar have also been used to contribute to the taste and flavor of the masala.
Asafoetida reduces bloatingGinger helps to relieve asthmaGinger reduces headacheCumin is known for its anti-inflammatory property.Black pepper helps fight against cancer


Black salt, mint leaves, cumin, salt, dry mango, black pepper, citric acid, imli powder, ajwain, dry ginger, white pepper, asafoetida, sugar


10gm-Box, 50gm-Box, 100gm-Box, 250gm-Common Pouch, 500gm-Common Pouch, 1kg-Common Pouch


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Pani Puri Masala
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